Welcome to the Bullmastiff and Mastiff event of the year !

On Friday
Club délegate meeting at 11 am with lunch
On Friday evening at 6 pm party around standards and hypertypes with coktail aperitif offertred by the CFBM to all exhibitors in a friendly athmosphere.

On Saturday Championship Club Show called the Nationale

Judges for the Club Championship Show (Bullmastiff):
Christian JOUANCHICOT (France) will judge both, males and females of Junior, Intermediate and Open classes.
Didier BASSET (France) will judge all other classes of both sexes.
The Clubs´committee reserves the right to announce an additional judge, in case of exceptional entry numbers.

BMWC: Peri BURNSIDE (Ireland) and Andrew BURT (Australia) are the judges. 

Christian JOUANCHICOT will also join judges Peri Burnside and Andrew Burt to make the final decision for BOB and BOS.

To enter your dog, visit the web page of SCC EXPO. Just click the following link:
Please note: The SCC Expo web page works like an ordinary retailer, which means you „select your products“. In this case, you select your classes and put them in your basket.
Your dogs need to be registered prior to selecting the classes, this is quite easy.
For the rates, we have arranged a „special offer“, if you enter both shows. The price reduction „engagement des 2 shows“ (= entry for 2 shows) will be made automatically at the end of the online process of entry.

Don´t forget to book for the „ Gauls´ Dinner“ on Saturday night at the same time you do your entry.

Finally, in case you or a friend also owns a Mastiff:
the Mastiff Club Championship Show will take place on Saturday 7th September 2019 at the same venue.
The following day, Sunday 8th September 2019, a Regional Mastiff Specialty Show will be held.

Judges for the Mastiff Club Championship Show:

Andrew BURT will judge all classes of males.
Peri BURNSIDE will judge all classes of females.

For the Regional MASTIFF Specialty Show:

Didier BASSET will judge all classes of both, males and females.
The Clubs´committee reserves the right to announce an additional judge, in case of exceptional entry numbers.


Last but not least, this is YOUR EVENT……

Link, to enter your Bullmastiff on SCC EXPO:
Link, to enter your Mastiff on SCC EXPO: