Dear Bullmastiff- & Mastiff fanciers,


the committee of the French Bullmastiff & Mastiff Club (CFBM), would cordially like to invite you to our annual Bullmastiff & Mastiff Club Championship show, which will be held on 9th September 2018 at Dompierre-Les-Ormes, Burgundy.

Our Club Championship show is one of the biggest Specialty Breed shows on the European continent and last but not least not just a competition, than foremost an event and convention of approx. more than 200 or more Bullmastiff- & Mastiff and doglovers from France and more and more also from abroad. This event is said to be the established highlight of the year, as it is extraordinary to meet so many dogs of our beloved breeds in an amicable atmosphere of companionship and a pleasant surrounding.

Burgundy is imbedded in the heart of France. A region, which is well known for its beautiful landscape and of course for its delicious red wine.

Pleasant climate, generous showground and infrastructure makes especially this place for the ideal place to held our openair show. You should just be aware that this region is very popular and still highly frequented during September as it is a famous holiday region. So don´t be too late and get your reservations for accomodation done intime right now!

Our schedule is the same, like all the past years before, which means, we will start our convention on Saturday afternoon with our temperament testings (called T.A.N.), also DNA profiling and eyetestings on genetic eye diseases can be done at specialized vets.

Saturday evening we do celebrate our well-known Gala Dinner together at the Assembly Hall right on the show grounds. Delicious food in company of friends - doesn´t sound this terrific to you?

It does for sure!  So don´t miss to book Gala Dinner right with your entry. It is a great pleasure for us to welcome you and to join us.


Sunday morning, we will start the show together with the augural speech, so judgement will start intime.

International well-known and acknowledges judges are ready to welcome you and your dog(s) in the rings:

Sanna Vakkilainen (FIN) exclusively for Bullmastiffs

Hélène Denis (F) exclusively for the Mastiffs


Anne-Marie Class (F) for Babys, Puppys, Seniors and Veterans of both breeds.

Entries are open right now. Possible via post or online at or paper

Be aware that rate is already changing on 16th July 2018.

Also a reduced price for entry is offered excusively for our Club members. So don´t miss to prolong your membership right now.

Or maybe, if you still are not a member yet, this could be a good reason to start your membership right now! Any questions, do not hesitate and ask for!

So could we pique your curiosity and attention?

We hope to do so! We really would love to welcome you with your Bullmastiffs and Mastiffs in Burgundy, Dompierre-Les-Ormes to join us and the company of our Club members.

Feely warmy invited.

For any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact us, please.



                                                                                                                    Anne Marie CLASS